Roots Only Applicator Bottle: A $5.99 Gem

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Roots Only Applicator Bottle: A $5.99 Gem
I posted about the Roots Only Applicator Bottle a few posts ago and thankfully Southern Girl (thank youuu!) posted a link to the bottle at Sally. I had a 15% coupon for Sally Beauty so I broke my no-buy goal for March (and I don’t feel bad!) and grabbed two bottles.
I still stick by what I originally said about the Roots Only applicator bottle – it’s not a necessity if you have a regular bottle with applicator nozzle – but it’s still a convenient gem to have.


The comb-like tips make it very easy to get right to the scalp and apply oil evenly and faster. You know me, I’ll all for anything that cuts down on manipulation so what I like is that I don’t have to part my hair a hundred ways for even application. All I do now is stick the tips in, squeeze a little while the tips down, gently, and massage the oil a bit with the pads of my fingers and move on.

If the tips were a little bigger, I think this bottle would be nice for applying shampoo to the scalp (if you dilute the shampoo a bit to make it easily dispensable), oil (clearly, right?), or applying tea rinses right to the scalp.

I was super excited when I realized that the Roots Only nozzle fit perfectly on my bottle of Hair Trigger. A couple of twists and my oil applicator got a nice upgrade… and I’m such a dork because I thought it was nice the nozzle matched the HTEGE graphic on the bottle :D.

I’m glad I had a Sally coupon which is ultimately what convinced me that it was okay to snag these bottles. My mom and granny both regularly do scalp massages with oil so once my local Sally Beauty has more bottles, I’m going to grab some for them.

Well that’s all there is to this quick review of the Roots Only bottle. If you’re willing to spend a few bucks, just don’t forget to look online for a Sally’s coupon code if you’re purchasing online… there’s always a Sally’s coupon code floating around the web.

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