Reader Q: How Do You Care For Your Hair When Working Out?

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Reader Q: How Do You Care For Your Hair When Working Out?
Work out bun from a few weeks ago

Q: What styles do you wear when working out?

When I work out, I either wear my hair in a ponytail or bun.

Q: How many days a week do you work out?

Four days a week.

Q: Does your regimen change when you work out? Do you wash more often?

Nope, it doesn’t change. The only extra attention I pay to my hair is that at night, I make sure apply a little extra moisturizer to my edges and tie them down to have smooth edges in the morning because I will most likely have my hair in a bun, have the front pulled back, or have it in a faux bob.

Q: How do you deal with sweat drying out your hair?

I sweat a lot from my scalp when working out so my new growth is always damp and puffy after a work out. When I leave the gym, I take down my bun or ponytail and  to allow my scalp and roots to dry. Once dry, I spray my new growth with moisturizer (which is already part of my normal regimen) to combat dryness and crunchiness sweating has caused.

Other alternatives: Co-washing. Co-washing means using conditioner to “wash” your hair.

Q: How do you manage/care for straight styles while working out?

It’s easier to wear my hair out when I’m still early in my relaxer stretch but to maintain straight hair, I rely on wrapping my hair to smooth it out. I cross-wrap my hair (video of how here, picture tutorial here) instead of wrapping my hair around my head (traditional method) because cross-wrapping reduces manipulation.

Q: What are possible styles to wear and still regularly exercise?

Braid outs, twist outs, bantu knot outs are great easy ways to style hair during the week and blend multiple textures. If you opt to co-wash during the week to restore moisture to your hair, doing one of the previously mentioned protective styles is a good follow up.

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