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The L.O.C. Method

I’ve seen the L.O.C. method discussed on hair boards and blogged about for a while now but it was only within the last week that I decided to try it out. The goal of the L.O.C. is to seal moisture into our strands as effectively as possible. If you remember the Sealing Experiment I conducted a few months ago, sealing with just an oil, helps lock in moisture from our moisturizers. The L.O.C. method goes a step further and adds an additional layer of protection, a cream moisturizer after an oil to add another barrier against moisture loss.

First step: moisturizing with a liquid moisturizer

For my liquid moisturizer, I’ve been using Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Spray. This is the first as-in liquid moisturizer I’ve ever used. I was initially using it on my new growth only – this was an upgrade from diluting my beloved Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme in a spray bottle – but soon switched to spraying the entire length of my hair with it. I’m really loving this moisturizing spray. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling “wet” after I apply it and using the LOC method it has my hair feeling soft (especially my new growth) for days.

Second step: seal with a natural oil

Y’all know me and grapeseed oil are like >< this so it’s no surprise that it’s the oil I’ve chosen to seal with (as normal). Because I layer a creamy moisturizer after the oil, it’s important to oil use a few drops of oil in step two. When moisturizing and sealing, I use no more than 2-3 drops of oil on each of my four sections.

Third step: seal with a cream

This is the step that goes beyond the norm in the L.O.C. method. I’ve been using HairiageHydration Hemp Nostalgia for this step. As its name suggests, it contains ceramide-packed hemp oil *throws confetti*

Using this method and line-up, my hair has been retaining moisture on day 2 and 3 (without moisturizing and sealing after day 1) so I’m very pleased. The products above are by no means the ones that should be use, they’re simply the ones I’m currently using and ones that work for me. Go with what works for you, there’s only one criteria: liquid, oil, cream.

Are you employing the L.O.C. method?

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