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Wash Day

(1) Pre-pooed for an hour under my heating cap with a mix of hempseed oil and Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner (AOWC) on the length of my hair and Hair Trigger on my scalp. I’m not a fan of strong fragrances, whether it be perfume, conditioner, or air spray. I’m an equal opportunity strong fragrance hater, but with good reason! Strong scents give me a headache. On its own the AOWC is fairly strong, by adding in the strong nutty-scented hempseed oil I set myself up for a migraine. The mix was so funky! I was fine up until I had to rinse it out of my hair. It was like the heating cap ramped up mix’s funkiness because soon as I smelled my hair, I felt the twinges of a migraine.

(2) I shampooed with Mizani Supreme Oil Sulfate Free Moisturizing Shampoo (review coming soon).

(3) Did a protein treatment with Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus for 5 minutes, then rinsed.

(4) Applied Paul Mitchell Super Daily Skinny Treatment for 5 minutes, then rinsed.

(5) Wrapped my hair up in a towel to absorb all the excess water and deep conditioned with Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream Conditioner. My head still killed at this point so I threw all plans of finishing my hair out the window and covered the plastic cap with a Turbie Twist, then scarf, and plopped into bed. I ended up leaving the conditioner in my hair for over 12 hours.

(6) The next day I rinsed out the conditioner, used a t-shirt to soak up the excess water from my hair, applied my leave ins (Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-In Conditioner and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum) and grabbed my rollers to set my hair… The roller set? Didn’t happen… I’ve learned to only roller set when I have the patience to do it, so after detangling the first quadrant, I asked my self “self, are you in the mood to deal with rollers right now?” Self: “nope.” I ended up side-eyeing my rollers and air drying instead, lol.

Once my hair was dry, boredom hit I so cornrowed the front of my hair. I haven’t given myself cornrows since high school! They were pretty loose because I didn’t want my scalp to hurt (I’m really tender-headed). Once I was done, I wasn’t sure how I felt about them but I figured I’d leave in them in and pull the braids back for a half up/half down style during the week.

Wash Day 111012.jpg

Well, my braids only lasted an hour. I just didn’t like them enough to keep them. My poor, wimpy scalp, it was already sore by the time I took out the braids. I did like the texture the braids added to my hair but I didn’t feel like braiding the rest of my hair for a uniform look…  even though I think it would have been pretty cute.

Wash Day 1110121.jpg

In the end, I finger-combed by hair back and tied the front with a scarf to smooth it out.

What did I learn this wash? One, stop playing “mixtress” with funky products. Even if my hair loves it (the Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner+hempseed oil made my hair so smooth) a migraine is undoubtedly lurking around the corner. Two, I can still cornrow. Three, JGA readers will probably think I’m nuts for my inner monologues, lol.

✌ & ♥

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