Relaxer Touch Up (Video of How I Self-Relaxed)

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Relaxer Touch Up (Video of How I Self-Relaxed)

I ended my 10 week stretch on Thursday (if we’re Facebook fanpage buddies, this is old news to you) and it went well. I’m not officially waist length yet (length check pic will be in a separate post), but I’m grazing it! Impromptu cartwheel, backflip, twirl, and electric slide. Lol. Below is the video of how I did my touch up. It’s pretty similar to my old self-relaxing video but it’s been over a year since that one so I shot an update.

Product list and how I used them:

  • Gently detangled my hair with my Hercules Sagemann HS5580 comb.
  • I coated my previously relaxed hair with Roux Porosity Control, Paul Mitchell The Detangler, and Paul Mitchell Super Charged Moisturizer.
  • Based my scalp with Vaseline.
  • Applied the relaxer with my Sprush (#2030). I love my Sprush because it lets me control just where the relaxer is going.
  • Relaxer: ORS Relaxer, lye formula, normal strength, to my new growth only.
  • Protein treatment: I used Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus. I left it on for 10 minutes, then rinsed.
  • Neutralized with Motions Neutralizing Shampoo. I like this shampoo more than the ORS Neutralizing Shampoo because it’s not as harsh. I let the shampoo sit on my hair for a minute, then shampooed 3 more times. When it comes to properly neutralizing a relaxer, it’s better to be safe than sorry so I lather up a few times to make sure my hair is completely neutralized.
  • Deep conditioned with Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream under my steamer for 30 minutes (review coming soon).
  • Applied my usual leave-ins: Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-In Conditioner and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum before detangling.
  • After air drying, I applied small amounts of ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer and Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide (mostly on my ends with this one).
  • Flat ironed using my Hana Titanium 1.5″ flat iron.
Freshly texlaxed and deep conditioned hair
“Texlaxing” means purposely underprocessing the hair when relaxing to retain more texture

Once I was done, I snipped off 1/2 an inch, then went back and took off about 2 more inches from the pieces that frame my face. The ends there were the thinnest parts of my hair and they had to go.

Smooth city. . . y’all know how I feel about smooth hair lol

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