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“Picking Your Brain” Responses
Just a really simple question. I know you say that you relax with Organic Root Stimulator Lye formula but, for the life of me, everywhere I look they only sell the no-lye formula. I’m seriously contemplating doing my own touch up at the end of the year after my stylist did some things I wasn’t too happy with this recent relaxer. It would be my first time self-relaxing and ORS is one of the brands I’m looking at (lye formula though!) If you can tell me where you buy yours, I’d love you foreverrrrr (ok, maybe not but I’d be grateful haha). Thanks Jen!

Of course, I buy it at Sally Beauty! It comes in 18.75 oz jar for $6.89 and 64 oz tub for $21.99.

Keanna asks: Hi Jen, so I started my HHJ in June. I’ve been using S-Curl to moisturize my new growth, and it really helps. But I hear with the colder weather approaching I really shouldn’t use glycerin products. What type of products do you recommend for the colder months ahead?

Hi Keanna, it’s generally advised to avoid using moisturizers that contain glyercin because glycerin is a humectant and humectants impart moisture into the hair by drawing it from the air and into the hair. During the winter months, there is less moisture in the air so the reverse happens – humectants draw moisture from the hair instead.

Now, in the past, my go-to moisturizer was HairVeda Whipped Creme Ends Hydration. It contains glycerin (second ingredient) and I used it all year round. BUT, I wouldn’t apply to my hair before leaving my home during the colder seasons and it also contains less glycerin than S-Curl. I don’t think it’s necessary to completely avoid using humectants during colder months (i.e. no need to avoid conditioners that contain humectants). While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using S-Curl because it contains a lot of glycerin – and the following only comes from experience – I don’t think it would be a catastrophe to use a moisturizer that had glycerin while indoors and have no immediate plans to go outdoors.

As far as what I’m using now to moisturize during the winter (all year round actually), it’s Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme. I try to avoid recommending products that I haven’t personally used because I prefer giving an experience-based opinion, so I can’t really suggest another moisturizer for new growth 🙁

Ladies, if you have a suggestion for Keanna for great moisturizers you use during the colder months, please share in the comments!

Chelle: Heya Jeni, my question is what made you start using products that “smooth” your hair and what are the benefits of using a line of smoothing products? I can fully understand the Roux Porosity, I get the science on that, but the Redken and PMSS just aren’t making sense to me? Help me learn more.

Hi Chelle, the biggest benefits I’ve experienced are less tangles and smoother, silkier hair. The only full “smoothing” line I have and still use is the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Line, and of course I have a few other products by different brands (Redken Smooth Lock Butter Silk/Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat (discontinued), Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Serum, Redken Smoot Down Heat Glide).

Some benefits I’ve found from using products that specifically aid in smoothing the hair, sealing cuticles along the hair shaft, is that I have fewer tangles, and my hair dries smooth and sleek. When the cuticles on the hair shaft are raised, the hair strands are rough, increasing the friction between them which contributes to tangles. Products that aid in smoothing the hair are great during a stretch because they make it easier to manage my new growth.

I use Redken Smooth Lock Butter Silk after shampooing and before deep conditioning as a smoothing treatment. It’s not as good as its predecessor, Smooth Down Butter Treat, but when I leave it on for the full 15 minutes (because leaving it for anything under 5 minutes does nothing for me) it helps with tangles and smooth my hair. Truth be told, once I’ve used up all the Butter Silk I have, I think I’m going back to Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Treatment. In my opinion it does a better job of melting tangles and constricting the hair cuticles for smoother results.

As for the PM Super Skinny Serum, I love using it when I roller set and air dry because it provides great slip, a little goes a long way, and I get smooth roller set and air dried results with it. I’m such a lush for smooth hair (as if it wasn’t obvious, haha).

Here’s the link to an old wash day post using the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Line. I did a roller set that wash.

I hope this answered your question — any follow ups, leave them in the comments.

P.S. Trying out a different set up/graphics for the questions, what do you think?

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