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The Road To Texlaxed

I’ve been texlaxing my hair for a year and thought it would be fun to do a post on the journey so far. I actually started texlaxing my hair by accident but am very happy I did. It started when I accidentally under-processing my hair when I started self-relaxing my hair last May. Here’s where I first self relaxed. It actually took me a few months to realize that I had a completely new texture. How I missed it, no clue, but it was a pleasant surprise. For a few weeks after that I debated whether I would continue to texlax or do a corrective relaxer. It’s clear which route I chose to take 😛

My texlaxed hair was much thicker and it grew on me; I wanted thicker hair from root to tip. There are a few ways to texlax hair: (1) adding oils to your relaxer to slow down the processing time; (2) using a mild relaxer; (3) or shortening application and smooth time. To texlax my hair, I use a relaxer that doesn’t straighten my hair completely, ORS Relaxer, lye formula, normal strength, and shorten my application and smoothing time (11-13 minutes).

The most noticeable benefit I’ve experienced from texlaxing my hair are thicker strands. My air dried texlaxed hair dries much frizzier than my bone straight ends, but as long as my strands feel smooth once dry, that’s fine with me. Detangling takes longer now, especially when I’m 4+ weeks post, but I’ve found that washing in my usual four sections and using the flow of water help in minimizing and working out tangles. I think my texlaxed hair is about neck length, grazing shoulder length but I’m not 100% sure since my texlaxed hair shrinks a bit and I’ve never checked while straightened. My texlaxed hair retains moisture better than my relaxed hair and also doesn’t care much for Roux Porosity Control, which my bone straight ends responds very well to; I think this is because my texlaxed hair isn’t as porous as my bone straight ends. Because my natural texture varies in different sections of my hair (4b at the nape and edges, 4a at my crown) my texlaxed texture varies a bit as well. I have more defined waves at my nape than at my crown.

I’ve started having issues with breakage between the two textures but I expected that to happen so it bother doesn’t me much. I’m a year into this transition and I’m only now running into issues so I can’t complain. I fully expected thinning to occur so I’m not going to stress over that either. I’ll continue paying attention to my protein/moisture balance to reduce breakage and just keep trucking on. I love my texlaxed texture overall and  look forward (impatiently) to the day when I’m texlaxed from root to tip.

August 2011
Touch up – January 2012
February 2012
Touch up – March 2012
Anyone else transitioning to texlaxed? How is it going for you?



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