Things They Don’t Tell You About Long Hair

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Things They Don’t Tell You About Long Hair

Sometimes your hair will brush against your back and arms and if you’re phobic of bugs, like I am, you’re going to freak out in public, at work, in class, thinking that you’re being attacked by a swarm of multi-legged creepy crawlers . . . and people will stare at you like you deserve to be in a padded room. It’s okay, mumbled something apologetically and pretend it never happened.

Your hair is going to get snagged in jacket zippers, under the straps of your backpack and purses, and a few times, someone will sit on the arm rest near your head and trap your hair beneath them. You won’t know this until you try to get up and suffer whiplash from your head snapping back. You can glare at the hair trapper but they’ll probably just respond that you’re hair is too long.

Be prepared to increase your hair care budget. Longer hair equals more product needed to coat every strand. Don’t fret, tell yourself it’s for a good cause.

It may look like you’re shedding more, causing you to freak out and search frantically for bald spots, but keep calm. Longer strands makes “shed hair balls” (sounds gross right?) look larger. Still paranoid? Don’t be ashamed. Embrace it, as I do, and count the strands. Whatever helps us sleep at night.

Hide your scissors. Longer hair means longer wash days, longer detangling sessions. Longer everything. Sometimes, hair shears can look very tempting.

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