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Texlaxed v. bone straight

Mannnnn, I feel like my texlaxed hair is taunting me. It’s thicker, fuller, retains more moisture and air dries faster than my bone straight portions. And because it’s thicker, I feel (because I’m a little crazy) that if my texlaxed hair could speak, move, was it’s only little sassy person, it would be all SMH! at my bone straight ends and tell it to just fade into the background. I’m naturally an impatient person but I try reeealllyyy hard to exude patience, lol, but in all honesty, I want NEED my hair to just grow already (see what I did there? lol!) so I can snip my bone straight ends off that much sooner.

I forgot to post a recap of my April goals and set new ones for the Month of May. Seeing how I can’t even remember what my May goals where . . . I’m going to assume April was a bust.

I think it’s time to give the hair supplements a break for a few months. I just finished a bottle of GNC Hair, Skin, & Nails Forumla and I have to admit I didn’t take it consistently because it kept making me so darn queasy. I’ll stick to my multi-vitamins, B-vitamin complex, and garlic supplements for now.

I dreamt my hair was waist length and that I was miserable! I washed my hair in my dream it took hours haha. Is my subconscious telling me I DON’T want waist length hair? I already know WL hair would be a handful (no pun intended) to deal with, but I still want to do it, so subconscious self, do what you do best, keep quiet please.

I miss having longish-bangs that frame my face. Since I’m self-relaxing this monday and giving myself a trim, I’m going to attempt (attempt being the key word here) to give myself some face framing bangs… Lord, please do not let me make a mess of things.

I have a Gold N Hot heating cap that my BF calls “the space helmet” or “trash bag hat.” I can only laugh at the names he gives it because I can admit, I look silly when I’m under it. It’s so big on me that it slides over my eyes and if I need to look up I have to either push it up or tilt my head all the way back. I’m tempted to just get this heating hat/cap from HotHead on so the man can leave me alone haha. Why is this hat 30 bucks though? I checked last week and it was $25 :/ meh.

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