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Versatile Blogger Award

I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by two lovely ladies: Blutiful Blaq and Guyanesesista, thank you!!!

The rules mandates that I share seven random things about myself. I hope to list things I’ve never mentioned on here before. Here goes:

  1. My high school required that we pass a swimming test (swimming laps and treading water) in order to graduate. I passed it, twice, but now I can’t swim for the life of me. Deep water actually terrifies me. Ask me to hop into water that is higher than 5’7″… fahgetaboutit! I’m 24 and I’ve never been to the deep end of the pool!
  2. I’m an only child. 
  3. I love muffins! Love them. Blueberry, cinnamon, raspberry, chocolate chip. Me and muffins are like *this.*
  4. I’m extremely loud and silly at times, as in be a complete and total pest and giggle non- stop the entire time. On the flip-side, I’m also a quiet person. You know that moment where you’re speaking to someone and then the conversation slowly dies down and one person feels compelled to fill the silence? That will never be me. Silence has never bothered me. I don’t mind sitting in companionable silence. Why must we force the convo, lol! But I’ve learned from experience that not everyone is on my wavelength, so, I fill the silence. 
  5. Regarding movies, I love happy endings. If the movie doesn’t end in a happy ending, or just an ending where the protagonist wins, succeeds, etc… I’ll probably say I didn’t like the movie. I really really love happy endings… they just make me, well, happy! Especially happy endings in romantic comedies! They’re near and dear to my heart. 
  6. I love thunderstorms and the sound of rain. It’s so calming, music to my ears.
  7. I graduated from Boston College (go Eagles!) in 2009.

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