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Success: Shower Filter Installed

After purchasing a pipe wrench this afternoon, I was set to install my new Culligan Filtered Showerhead and found that it was very easy to do.

I know. I surprised myself when I found that this was the case. I’m not going to lie, I have never really been much of an expert when it comes to plumbing and showers and everything else associated with the bathroom. I only have experience in decorating, not the actual installation process. Although because we had been waiting for this moment for a long time now, I think we were fed up with waiting and just wanted to attempt to do it ourselves. I’m sure there are others who think the same.

Though, because I wasn’t much of an expert, I had told my friend that I may need the help and assistance of a professional plumbing company to lend a hand if I couldn’t get it right with the first time of asking. Low and behold, I didn’t have to wait long until my friend told me about a place like Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling ( who have experience in helping with certain areas of plumbing and to give them a shout if I needed it. This was great. It allowed me to give it a try myself, yet call upon professional services if I needed to. It was definitely a win-win.

After having this reassurance, it gave me the motivation to proceed and to try and install the shower filter in one simple attempt. And I’m proud to say that it was a success!

I am going to be sharing the process in pics below. I haven’t washed my hair in two weeks and wash day is tomorrow. Can’t wait!

New shower-head vs. old shower-head


After removing the old shower-head, I wrapped teflon tape around the pipe threads.


After screwing on the new shower-head, I unscrewed the front portion of the shower-head in order to insert the filter.


Next, removed the stickers on the filter.
And inserted the filter into the front of the shower-shower.


Then screwed the front half back onto the body of the shower-head.


Then voil ! My shower-head was ready to go!


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