Reader Mail: Why Did Your Start Texlaxing Your Hair?

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Reader Mail: Why Did Your Start Texlaxing Your Hair?

A: For readers who may not be familiar with the phrase “texlaxing,” texlaxing is purposely under processing my hair with a relaxer. The goal is not to relax my hair bone straight so that my hair retains texture. [link to how much texture I left in after my last touch up].

Truth be told, I started texlaxing my hair by accident. I decided to commit to self-relaxing my hair in May 2011 and by August I noticed that my relaxed hair was two different textures. I had bone straight ends and wavy texture 2-3 inches from my roots. At the time I was on the fence on whether or not to continue texlaxing my hair, but I grew to like how much thicker my texlaxed hair is from my bone straight ends and continued with it. I have dense hair but my strands are fine. I’ve always hated how thin my hair can look at times so the thickness my hair retains from texlaxed is why I no longer relax bone straight.

When I roller set my hair, my texlaxed portions still come about smooth and straight. Because I do not plan on cutting off my bone straight ends until I’m nearing waist length, I have a ways to go before my hair is completely texlaxed.

The relaxer I use is Organic Root Stimulator, lye formula, normal strength. Application and smoothing time take me 15 minutes total.

Here are pics of my nape after air drying. See the difference between my texlaxed portion and bone straight ends?

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