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“Picking Your Brain” Responses (XI)

Rachell from Bella Napoli writes:

Ciao Jeni. Just wanted to say I truly love reading your blog. I’m currently bsl, and am transitioning to natural. When I’m studying I find myself always drifting off to check out your site. Just wanted to know have you tried Paul Mitchell Moisture Mist? I’ve never tried any of the Paul Mitchell products and am slowly thinking of trying something new. I’ve been using keracare since my 1st relaxer at 15yrs old. And once again, love your blog.

Hi Rachell! I’m happy you enjoy the blog! 🙂 I have used Paul Mitchell Moisture Mist. I used to spray it on my hair because my former stylist sprayed it on my hair before roller setting my hair but after a while I couldn’t pin point what using it really did for my hair to make it necessary for me to use it. Out of convenience, I stopped using it and eventually forgot about it. I still have a bottle that I need to use up. I can also be used on skin so I may use it for that purpose. If you’re still considering trying something new from PM, the Super Skinny Line is pretty good. Hope this helps!

A reader writes:

Have you ever used wild growth hair oil before?? If so did you like it?

No I’ve never used it, sorry! (Readers, if you’re reading and have used it, please leave a comment below. Many thanks!)

A reader writes:

Hi Jen! I’ve been on my healthy hair journey for about two years, and I’ve seen good progress with the health of my hair (less split ends and breakage, thicker, etc). However, I just haven’t been able to see the growth I want. My retention is pretty good, but my hair grows REALLY slowly… I know this because I will stretch for 12-15 Weeks and have less than an inch of growth 🙁 *sad face* I see that you use a couple vitamins in your regimen. Have you found that these assist with your hair growth rate? Specifically, I’m interested in knowing how the ‘hair, nails and skin’ vitamin works for you. Have you had any negative side effects? How long did it take before you started seeing results?

Hi there! Of the vitamins I currently take, garlic and GNC’s Hair, Skin, Nail Formula are the two that I take specifically for hair. I haven’t been using GNC Hair, Skin, Nail long enough to give an adequate response as to its effects but with past hair/skin/nail centered supplements I’ve taken, initially, the most noticeable impact was on my nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair. My nails grew faster and much stronger (prior to starting supplements, my nails constantly chipped and broke). My eyelashes have gotten longer and my eyebrows grow faster. I shape my eyebrows by tweezing and about every three days, there are new hairs that need to be taken care of. Garlic has helped decrease my shedding. How long did it take before I saw results? I wish I could honestly give you a set time frame. I honestly don’t remember I saw results for my hair with past supplements. I’ll check old posts and edit this post if I find anything. I was planning on tracking how effective GNC Hair, Skin, Nail supplements are after my next touch up since I’ll have a set starting point, so I’d be able to better answer your question after my TU.

Negative side effects: Country Life Maxi-Hair and NOW Super Odorless Garlic both upset my stomach with use. For garlic, I’ve been taking Nature’s Bounty Odorless Garlic 1000mg for a few months and it’s very gentle on my stomach. When I first started my HHG, I took 5mg of biotin. To avoid breaking out, I gradually worked my way up to the full 5mg dosage and also increased my water intake. Some women take B-complex when taking biotin to prevent breaks outs.

A healthy diet is also key. Here’s a link to a post on Top 10 Foods For Healthy Hair. Hope this helps in any way!

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