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Wash Day

For the past couple of washes I’ve been working honey into my regimen. The last two washes I pre-pooed with honey and hemp seed oil, a messy but effective mix. Yesterday after the 5 hour drive from Boston, I mixed honey with hemp seed oil and the GVP version of Nexxus Humestress. I applied it to my new growth, relaxer touch up style, section by section (my new growth was very dry because I didn’t apply moisturizer at all while I was visiting my family), and then the length of my hair. I covered with a plastic cap, threw on my heating cap and hopped into bed for a much needed nap. I ended up pre-pooing for 5 hours and wanted so very much to sleep the day away.

After I dragged myself from bed, I shampooed with PM Super Skinny Shampoo, applied Roux PC for 30 seconds,  rinsed, applied PM Super Skinny Treatment for a couple minutes, rinsed, then deep conditioned with mix of ORS Replenishing Conditioner, grapeseed oil, and Roux PC for 30 minutes under my heating cap.

My hair came out very soft. I applied my leave-in conditioner, Matrix Hydra-Seal Leave-In and Giovanni Frizz Be Gone serum in sections as I detangled. Finished up by tying down a silk scarf and let my hair air dry the rest of the day. As it dried, I finger combed through it a few times to avoid the annoying clumping my strands do as they dry. It made my hair fluffier, not frizzy, but no complaints from me, it makes my hair appear denser 🙂

I like the effects that pre-pooing with honey, as well as doctoring up my deep conditioner, has had on my hair so far: softness, less tangles, smooth hair, more elasticity. Looking forward to long term results.

Are you incorporating honey into your regimen? How is it working for you?

Freshly washed and deep conditioned hair:

With smiles,

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