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I washed my hair Friday evening and roller set my hair for the first time in what felt like forever. For weeks now I’ve simply been air drying my hair out of convenience and honestly laziness.

Process: 1.) Hot oil treatment – applied mix of coconut oil, eucaplyptus, and tea tree oil to my scalp only and grapeseed oil to the length of my hair and left on for 30 minutes. 2.) Washed with Matrix Biolage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, then with Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Shampoo. 3.) Applied Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Treatment for 5 minutes. 4.) Applied Roux Porosity Control for 30 seconds then rinsed, and finally deep conditioned with Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm for an hour without heat. I meant to use my heating cap but I ended up falling asleep… oops.

After a final rinse with cold water, I hopped out of the shower and squeezed the excess water from my hair. I next applied Matrix Biolage Hydra-Seal Leave-In Creme and Giovanni Frizz Be Gone, reviews for both products coming soon, and roller set my hair.

I really missed freshly roller set hair. My hair come out soft and very smooth, and with body. But while I missed the end results, I can’t say I missed the hour it takes me to put in my rollers and the hour it takes my hair to dry. Uh-uh.

I may go back to roller setting my hair for the first couple of weeks of school, gotta make a nice impression on my law professors and peers 🙂 Then it’s back to air drying and bunning.

With smiles,

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