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• I have been trying to stay motivated hair wise, edit my videos, record ones that I still haven’t go to but it’s been hard. My mind is so school focused now, but I’m trying!

• In general, I don’t even feel like doing anything to my hair aside from washing, deep conditioning, air drying, and bunning it. I keep wondering “when did I get so darn lazy with my hair!”

• I am really, truly, tired of being asked “why is your hair still relaxed?” >:O I try not to answer rudely but really, it’s getting old.  I mean it’s MY hair and MY choice. Since when were relaxers evil? I love natural hair and know I will eventually go natural one day, but I just cannot understand how some women assume that my hair is relaxed out of self hate? I love the increase in natural hair care, knowledge, and awareness but I feel like the rise and increase in focus on AA women rocking their natural hair has caused in increase in negativity towards women who continue to relax their hair, IMO.

Hair is an accessory, it can characterize a person, but it’s all rooted in choice – individual choice. My choice is relaxing my hair, your choice is apparently sharing unappreciated, unwarranted opinions… but to each their own, right.

I mean seriously, if my hair is obviously healthy, what are you complaining about!!!!! Ugh, I’ll never get it. I swear, next time I get asked that question, the dialogue, may, go like this:

“Why is your hair still relaxed?”
“Are you purchasing my next relaxer?”
“What? Well, no.”
“Are you purchasing anything related to my hair?”
“Well then, why do you care?”

With smiles,

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