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This post was last updated on: 1/29/13

I hope this post will be helpful to those just starting out or any one who is looking to brush up on hair ins and outs. I’ve complied links to articles and threads from that have helped me immensely. I will continue to add and update this post when I come across more helpful, informative posts/articles.

My advise to those just starting out: Be patient and do plenty of research! Hair forums like are teeming with information. If you try something, a technique, a product, and it doesn’t work as well for you than for someone else, don’t get discouraged, no two heads of hair are alike. Regroup and try again. Setbacks, unfortunately, may happen, but hair does grow back and with knowledge, you’ll learn what your hair responds positively/negatively to. Take pictures of your starting length and at intervals during your hair journey because seeing the progress you’ve made is very rewarding and a confidence booster! Even if you haven’t reached your goal length yet, you’ll be able to see the difference in hair health, thickness, etc. Ignore the doubters, ignore the nay-sayers, ignore the haters! Let your progress be your proof! Oh, and start a blog/youtube channel so I can stalk follow 🙂


Hair Myths, Truths, & Mistakes
Clear Rinses

Deep Conditioning Deep conditioning is key for maintaining hair’s elasticity, diminishing risk of breakage, and keeping hair soft and moisturized.


Direct Heat

Hard Water

  • List of a few chelating shampoos with may help.
  • Doing an ACV rinse or using Roux Porosity Control to lower your hair’s pH to counteract the high pH of hard water.
  • What is hard water? Water that contains high levels of minerals.
Henna (and cassia) Henna or cassia applications are a great, natural way to stretchen and thicken up your hair.
Itchy Scalp
Moisturizing & Sealing
Porosity & Sealing Cuticles
Product Reviews

Protective Styling

Protein Our hair is 90% keratin, protein treatments help to stretchen our hair. Relaxed hair especially requires protein treatments from time to time because chemical relaxers break down the protein bonds in our hair.
Protein vs Moisture

Regimen Building Nailing down a no-muss no-fuss regimen that works for you may be a little nerve-wracking, but don’t worry, you will learn just what works for you. 

Relaxer Stretching
Roller Setting Hair
Self-Relaxing / Texlaxing


Hope this helps!

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