Battling My Itchy Scalp (Part II)

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Battling My Itchy Scalp (Part II)

All you all know, I’ve been dealing with an itchy, flaky scalp for weeks now and as a result I’ve been doing ample research on causes and treatments.

Common symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis are:

  • Yellow or white scales that may attach to the hair shaft.
  • Patchy scaling or thick crust on the scalp that may be easily removed.
  • Patches usually confined by hairline.
  • Itching, which may be severe.

Treatments: There are many shampoos available to help treat dermatitis but I had initially wanted to try natural remedies before trying out shampoos that may not agree with my hair. Going the natural route first, I grabbed a bottle of pure aloe vera oil and a bottle of pure tea tree oil from Whole Foods Market to being round 2 of my battle against my scalp.

  • Why aloe vera oil and tea tree oil work: Aloe vera and tea tree oil both contain anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that aid to heal the scalp.

I applied a bit of the aloe vera oil to my scalp Saturday night before bed and it helped relieve itching enough for me to fall asleep (yes, it’s that bad). The next morning, my scalp issues came back with a vengeance, so I thought, why not try out the tea tree oil. I mixed tea tree oil and coconut oil and applied a bit to my scalp, and again the itchiness subsided. I wake up Sunday, and guess what, itchiness, itchiness, itchiness.

Monday, while grocery shopping with my cousin, we ended up in the hair product aisle and in front of the Neutrogena T-Gel row. I will admit that I although I wanted to go the natural route first, I was very impatient and did not give the natural remedies a chance see if they would really work, because I scooped up a bottle of Neutragena T-Gel therapeutic shampoo. I’m honestly just tired of dealing with my scalp and just want it healed sooner rather than later.

I washed my hair Monday evening using the shampoo. I switched the cap the shampoo came with for an applicator nozzle so I could apply the shampoo to my scalp. I lathered the shampoo up and left it up on my scalp for a couple minutes, then rinsed. Then proceeded with my usual wash day. The scalp instructs to wash two times a week but I just do not plan on washing and manipulating my hair that often so I will be substituting the bi-weekly washing to leaving the shampoo on before washing out.

It has been two days since I washed and my scalp is still behaving, hopefully, it continues to do so. I’m going to still incorporate tea tree oil by mixing with coconut oil and pre-pooing with it. Praying for results!

With smiles,

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