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How I Rollerset My Hair

One the questions I get asked the most through emails is about how I roller set my hair. Now, I washed my hair this past Monday and recorded the entire thing with the intent to edit and post the video the next day for you all. What I didn’t take into account has how troublesome it would be to actually get the video off my camcorder and onto my laptop. Canon doesn’t make a driver for Mac computers, go figure.

I am SO frustrated but I’ll keep trying. Until I figure it out, I’ve written out the process in steps. I know having a visual is better, but I’m trying, I’m trying! More on how I roller set after the jump.

  1. After I shampoo and deep condition my hair, I light squeeze out the excess water from my hair with a towel. I then apply my leave-ins. I spray my hair with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist and apply a dime size amount of Paul Mitchell The Conditioner and massage into my hair, focusing on the length of my hair. After I’ve applied my leave-ins, I will sometimes let my hair air dry a bit, it all depends on strong my hair feels.
  2. I part my hair into three, mohawk style, and use clips to section of the outer two sides (as pictured above). 
  3. I section the center section in half and apply Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to the front half. 
    • NOTE: I apply PM Serum to the sections I will be working on because this serum speeds up drying time.
  4. Part a 1 inch horizontal section and comb down. The hair is handing in front of my face. Spray with water and pinch the end and wrapped a sheet of end-paper around my hair and place the roller on TOP of the pinched end. Roll up (towards the ceiling). After the front section is done, I apply serum to the section, spray with water, and continue with rollers until mohawk section is complete.
    • NOTE: Rolling up is the easiest on my arms and creates a lot more space on the head for the rollers.
  5. I unclip the left or right side and part from second roller to my ear (as pictured above). I part 1 inch horizontal sections, comb down, spray with water, apply serum, and continue on with sheets of end-paper and rolling the rollers up towards ceiling.
  6. I then move backwards, parting vertically, using the roller as form of ruler to ensure I do not make a part wider than the roller can hold, and continue to work in horizontal 1 inch sections.
  7. When both sides are complete, I cover my hair with a net and hop under my dry for 1 hr.
I also do a saran wrap after I roller set to smooth and straighten my hair out a bit. 
  1. Once hair is fully dry, I remove my rollers, finger comb the curls a bit, then run a little jojoba oil through my hair. 
  2. Using paddle brush (this is the only time you will catch me running a paddle brush through my hair) and “doobie” wrap my hair.
  3. Cover tightly with saran wrap and hop back under the dryer for 15 minutes.
  4. After I remove the saran wrap, I cover my hair with my satin or silk scarf and head to bed.

*A Few Things to Remember:

  • I use plain old water to spray my hair as I set the rollers. It’s important that the hair is very wet when placed on the roller, especially the ends. The hair should cling to the roller.
  • I used tension while rolling (roll, pull, roll, pull). This helps immensely to straighten the hair and roots while stretching.
  • The more product is on your hair, the longer it will take to dry. My leave ins, PM Awapuhi Mist and PM The Conditioner are both very light and are moisture-centered products. Likewise, the PM Super Skinny Serum is a very light serum. When my hair is dry, it is left bouncy and weightless.

With smiles,

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