Goals for 2011 (better late than never)

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Goals for 2011 (better late than never)
Currently at APL, line #2

I actually had decided against making a post like this and had reasoned that this year I would simply focus on health and let my hair grow and do what it wanted (healthily of course), but I’ve changed my mind and have decided to take a more “I can do it” approach. There’s nothing wrong with taking a more relaxed approach to my hair but in all honesty I felt like I was being a bit lazy and truthfully just didn’t want to set goals for fear of not reaching them. I’ve come up with a handful of goals/resolutions that I really want to achieve this year, hell or high water!

  1. Take my multivatims daily — Rainbow Light Women’s Mulit, garlic supplements, and hair supplements (alt. btwn GNC and Country Life Maxi-Hair
  2. Detox (using chlorella) — I am a frequent migraine sufferer and I’m constantly pumping meds into my body to control the pain and headaches. I really just want to clean out my system. I know I will have to start detoxing out slow to avoid giving myself migraines though 🙁
  3. Remain consistent with BeeMine Growth Serum.
  4. Reach below shoulder blade length by June 2011.
    • BSB is between line 3 and 4 for me.
  5. Reach bra-strap length by December 2011.
    • It’ll take about 3 inches for me, the top of my bra hits line 5.

That’s about it. Nothing drastic but just things that I need to stay consistent in and would like to achieve.

Good luck on your hair goals for 2011!

All the best,

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