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It has been 5 days since I applied cassia to my hair and I really love how much thicker my hair feels. I will admit I’ve been abusing my hair a bit. In the last 3 or 4 weeks I’ve flat ironed twice. The first time I was too tired to roller-set my hair so I air dried overnight and flat ironed the next morning. This past Sunday I washed my hair, and again to tired to roller set I put a couple plaits in my hair for a braid out. I pinned it up the next morning and headed off to work. My new growth was so thick and my braid out was a little frizzy. By the time I got home yesterday I wasn’t having it and flat ironed my hair. It isn’t perfectly straight as I was more so focused on taming it but due to all this direct heat, I’m suffering breakage at the line of demarcation!!!

Part of me is just too tired to care at the moment and part of me is upset at myself for even picking up the flat iron! {sigh} I’m about 10 weeks posts and will not be touching up my hair until get my hair back on track and curb the breakage, that’s if I even decide to relax my hair – I’m currently debating on transitioning.

Okay, I got off topic and started rambling…

So, in the end, I love cassia. My hair feels thicker, and strands are noticeably thicker as well. I think I’ll will apply cassia to my hair every 4 weeks [next application around 11/25]. I try a few things differently next time:

  1. Will oil my hair with olive oil, instead of coconut oil
  2. Add a little oil to my cassia mix [to counter drying effects of cassia]
  3. Deep condition with a better moisturizing conditioner

But my action plan right now is to baby my hair and halt this long strand breakage! It’s very saddening…

Pce, l♥ve, and HHG!

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