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Jojoba Oil

I wore my hair down to church today and once I got home I decided my hair had to go up in a bun. On a whim I decided to grab my jojoba oil and run a little through my hair. I haven’t used this oil in a  couple months and for the life of me I cannot remember why I’ve ignored this great oil. My hair felt great as I put it up in a loose bun so I decided to share some info and this hair treat.

Aside from coconut oil, jojoba (ho-ho-ba) is one of my favorite oils. I have fine hair and heavier oils like castor and olive oil weigh my hair down and make it look thinner than it actually is. However, jojoba, like coconut is light enough for me to use without weighing down my hair.

Jojoba is also very similar to our scalp’s natural sebum, making it a great oil to use to combat dryness and dandruff. I love this oil because it is non-greasy yet moisturizing. Yes, I know that for a product to be a truly moisturizing product it must contain water, and by virtue of being an oil jojoba oil should not be moisturizing. However,  jojoba oil is moisturizing because its molecules are small enough to penetrate the hair shaft.

  • Jojoba is great for…
    • hot oil treatments
    • enhancing your deep conditioners, making them more emollient. 
    • smoothing hair cuticles reducing frizz
    • combating dryness
    • Rub a little on a tangle to help you work though it with more ease and less breakage. 
    • If your hair is looking a bit dull, rub a little through your hair to add shine. 
    • Rub a little on the ends of your hair to reduce the chance of split ends – retain your length!
    • You can even use it as a make up remover.

Many reasons to love this oil. When purchasing, it’s best to buy 100% jojoba oil (as will all oils), ensuring that there are no additives to the oil and that you only get the good stuff. I’m currently using The Jojoba Company brand of jojoba oil and it’s a 100% pure, expeller pressed. Ingredients: “First-Press, Unrefined, Golden Liquid Jojoba. Absolutely nothing else.”…. see, the good stuff haha. Another great brand of pure 100% jojoba oil is Desert Essence. You can also google for online vendors that sell 100% jojoba. Mountain Rose Herbs is a great vendor, but I swear jojoba oil seems like it’s always out of stock.

Doesn’t matter where you purchase from, just try it! HHG!

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