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I posted last week about my discovery that Porosity Control changed its ingredients. I washed my hair today and used PC like I usually do, applying it right after I shampoo for a minute. I actually like the new thicker consistency. The conditioner no longer runs through my fingers when I apply it. As for it’s effect on my hair, my hair feels much smoother. Running individual strands through my finger tips, the strands feel so silky  It was a breeze running my fingers through my hair as I rinsed out of the conditioner. I’ve been running my hair across my hair since yesterday, it just feels so good. I’m looking forward to seeing the long-term of using PC. I’m hoping to see more uniform relaxer result and better moisture retention. I think the new formula is better than the old. There, I said it, ha!

If you’ve tried the new formula, let know me if you notice a difference in how your hair feels!

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