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My biggest hurdle during my hair journey has been curbing my breakage. I used to think it was okay to see numerous broken hairs each time I combed my hair, so I find it hilarious when I see at most 5 during the day and it stresses me out. Seriously. My hair is pinned up 90% of the time and I don’t really play with my hair when I wear it down – that in itself is a miracle because I used to have a bad case of hair in hand syndrome. I digress…

Every wash I do a strand test to make sure my hair’s protein and moisture levels are balanced. Last week, I noticed a bit of breakage so I did a mild protein treatment this past Sunday with Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment. I did a strand test after and my hair is seemingly in perfect harmony. The strand stretches when pulled and returns to it’s starting position without snapping. A happy healthy strand of hair. So whhhhhy do I see a couple broken strands when I section, moisturize, and pin my hair for the night. Some breakage from manipulation is inevitable.
I went from tons of broken hairs to just a couple – I shouldn’t trip I guess, but it’s still a bit frustrating to see. I’m happy with the 5 strands I see, lord knows I don’t want to see anymore!
Here’s a couple things that have helped me:
  • Not being afraid to use protein. I’ve never used a hard protein, but the use of a protein product is key. Our hair is protein (keratin) and needs protein to help keep is strong and healthy. Especially relaxed hair. Relaxers weaken the bonds in hair, straighten it. My relaxed hair needs protein from time to time to strengthen it. I use Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment whenever I see my hair needs it. I also use a protein shampoo weekly: Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Shampoo
  • Deep conditioning weekly. Moisturizing during the week (every other day, or every day) with a moisturizer that effectively penetrates the hair. Relaxed hair needs protein but it needs moisture as well. You can’t have one without the other. Moisturized hair maintains it’s elasticity and is less prone to break when manipulated.
Breakage bad, balance good!

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