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The biggest accomplishment I’ve had since I began my hair journey last year has been with breakage. Prior to making a commitment to care for my hair, breakage was by far my biggest set back. For years I hovered around shoulder length as the result of trims to correct unhealthy ends and breakage from manipulation. Protective styles were non-existent, even clipping my hair up was rare. I can not count how many hair cuts I suffered due to dry, uneven, and thin ends.

My hair is currently at arm pit length and I attribute this all to retention and simply taking care my hair and against breakage. When I first began my hair journey I admit the concept of retention and succeeding at stopping breakage seemed impossible and for months I just couldn’t seem to get the hang of it, but luckily I did. Now if I see a bit of breakage I know I’ve slacked off on something and correct it.

Here’s what I’ve learned/incorporated into my hair care:

1. A protein shampoo strengthens my hair, preventing breakage. I use Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo

2. My hair needs moisture to retain its elasticity. This has been key for me. If hair has no elasticity, its becomes prone to breakage. I deep condition with every wash. My favorite DC’s are Paul Mitchell Super-Charged Moisturizer, Aubrey Organic’s Honeysuckle Rose, and Kenra Moisturizing Shampoo (this one actually currently on the fence for me).

3. A good moisturizer that penetrates the hair shaft is necessary, followed up by sealing with oil. For months I searched for a good moisturizer until I found Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream. I hope they never change the ingredients. I moisturize every night and always seal with oil, currently coconut oil. Oil locks in the moisture.

4. Cutting back on the manipulation. I finger comb my hair into place during the week. The only time I really run a comb through my hair is when I roller set my hair. By cutting back on manipulating my hair, I’m removing a cause of breakage.

That’s about it for me. A little protein, moisture, and putting down the comb has thwarted the breakage that had my hair stuck at shoulder length.

Our hair is always growing, we just need to retain the length we have in order to see progress. HTH!

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