I Unintentionally Texlaxed

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I definitely texlaxed my hair yesterday. My hair grows in coils and now they’re much looser, more wavy. I don’t really love it but I don’t plan on correcting it until my next touch up in 10 weeks. I’m actually happy about this little mistake, I’ve learned that I need to smooth a bit longer and how to texlax my hair.

I’ve been debating whether or not I would transition, but I just do not want to deal with my natural hair. I absolutely love my mother’s natural hair and once I’m older I plan on growing out my relaxer, but not right now. I figure I’ll achieve MBL relaxed, enjoy that I’ was able to obtain a length I thought was never possible, learn more about my hair, and then decide to transition and grow my natural hair out to MBL again. I have been playing with my loosened texture all day but I have to say right now, I prefer my hair a little straighter.

But who knows, maybe the waves and loose coils will grow on me. This hair journey is all about trying new things. I have 10-12 more weeks to see how I feel about it.

The irony of it all was that I’d some how fry all my hair of only to find out I was no where close, lol.

*Texlaxing is underprocessing the hair when relaxing it, and is done intentionally, leaving in the relaxer for less than the recommended time.

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