Co-washing and Twist Outs

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Co-washing and Twist Outs
Lately, I’ve been somewhat lazy when it comes to my hair and have mainly been leaving my hair alone. I usually roller set after every wash but I can’t stand sitting under the hot dryer when it’s 90 degrees outside. So for the remainder of the summer, it’s looking like it’s going to be braid out, twist out, and air drying for me.

I washed my hair last Tuesday and did a braid out. I felt great shaving 1 1/2 hours off the over all wash experience. By Friday by braid out was looking far from spectacular so Friday night after work I decided to re-do them. After work last night, I hoped in the shower and decided to go ahead and co-wash. Now I have to say I’m not a fan of co-washing and never wanted to dedicate the time to incorporate it into my regimen – and sadly this is all after one bad co-washing experience (thinking I jumped the gun huh?). I tried co-washing once last year and I didn’t like it one bit, not one. I used Sauve coconut-something conditioner and it left my hair feeling awful – coated and just not clean – and since then, had swore of co-washing entirely – until last night.

I don’t know what came over me, maybe the little hair guru inside my hair told me to do it, and this time I actually listened. Maybe it’s because I’m in love will things Paul Mitchell and had recently purchased Paul Mitchell The Detangler and was determined to use it. Whatever the reason, I’m just happy I went ahead and did it. My new growth was feeling a little dry and a little detangled but co-washing with The Detangler left my hair soft and tangle free. It was so easy to detangle using just my hands and running water – felt like my hands were just gliding through. My first co-washing success!

I applied my leave ins, let my hair air dry for about 45 mins and put a couple rows of flat twists. They weren’t completely dry when I woke up this morning and were damp when I undid them causing them to frizz a bit, but oh well.  I pinned my hair up in the back in the faux bob and left it at that.

I plan on co-washing in a couple days and redoing my twist out.

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