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Hair Goals & Motivations

I’ve realized that I’ve never stated what my hair goals are (both short term and long term) and what my motivations have been for my heathly hair journey.

The easiest to answer is first my goals. My short term goal is BSL (Bra Strap Length). My long term goal is MBL (Mid-Back Length) – a goal I would have never even entertained until I finally began to understand my hair but I’m not interested in trying to care for anything longer than MBL. Once I make MBL, I’ll be in hair heaven! 🙂 I hope to make BSL by December 2010 and a year from that I hope to make MBL. Achieving these lengths is going to take patience and perfecting my regimen. I want to achieve not only length but thicker, stronger hair.

As for my motivations, they have changed since the beginning of my hair journey. When I first made up my mind to grow my hair out it was for my best friends wedding. I made up my mind in March of 2009 and her wedding was set for sometime in November 2010. In all the weddings I had been in, all but one, my hair was always pulled up in some unflattering bun or done in a style using weave that I did not like. I began my hair journey because I wanted to have perfect healthy bra-strap length hair for her wedding.

Since then, my motivations have changed. Along the way I realized how wonderful it felt knowing that I was responsible for the health of my hair and was determined to prove the family members that nagged me that all my hair would break off if I attempted to care for it myself. I’ve had relaxed hair since I was very young and was spoon-fed the idea that only stylists could properly care for my hair. As a result, my hair never grew past shoulder length due to poor hair care practices (i.e. lack of understanding about products, home maintenance, deep conditioning, moisturizing) and scissor-happy stylists. It’s a great feeling to have the healthiest hair I’ve had in a while and know that it’s the result of trial and error and my own hard work. I’m no longer unnecessarily dropping $$$ into the pockets of stylists every 2 weeks. Do you know how much I’ve saved in a year?! (Wash and set = ~$35, every 2 weeks = $910/year. Touch up = ~$65, every 8 weeks is about 6 touch ups a year = $390/year)… Now that’s money in the bank! My relaxers have been cut down due 3 or 4 a year due to successful stretching.

My third motivation is my boyfriend. My boyfriend has been a big source of support during my healthy hair journey. When others have expressed their doubts that I would be able to care for my hair on my own and grow it to lengths they’ve never seen my hair reach, he has always reminded me that I can do it (love you Babe, haha!). My boyfriend loves long hair and call me shallow, but I love that he loves my hair length and can’t wait to see it when it’s longer. He even refers to my hair as “our hair” lol. He checks up on how my hair is doing during the week and on wash days – isn’t that cute??? 🙂 Although I’m first and foremost growing my hair for me, knowing he loves it as well gives me that extra boost and honestly makes me feel attractive, mhm.

So there you have it, my hair goals and motivations. What is your goal length and driving factors on your healthy hair journey?

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