I finally, finally, finally achieved a twist out that I like (not including the ones I get after removing my marley twists). Here’s how my wash day went: [1] Conditioned with for maybe an hour with Organix Vitamin E Conditioner under my Gold N’ Hot heating cap. I’ve had thisRead More →

Remember when I actually used to do my hair? Since I’ve big-chopped I’ve been wearing my hair in marley twists 95% of the time, only giving myself 3-4 days of wearing my hair out in a twist-out after removing the twists before washing, deep conditioning, and tucking my hair awayRead More →

Lately, I’ve been somewhat lazy when it comes to my hair and have mainly been leaving my hair alone. I usually roller set after every wash but I can’t stand sitting under the hot dryer when it’s 90 degrees outside. So for the remainder of the summer, it’s looking likeRead More →

Word to the wise: do not act lazily when it comes to rinsing conditioner from your hair.  I was tired last week and did not thoroughly wash all the conditioner out of my hair.  I really missed a patch near my left year and a film of conditioner was leftRead More →