My least favorite part about curlformer sets is the need to carefully detangle hair and loosen the curls. I started off by spraying my hair the water + glycerin (60%/40%) and then applied Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner on top. The conditioner provided lots of slip and made it easyRead More →

I started off by applying Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner to dry hair for an hour under my Hot Head Conditioning Cap. This conditioner is not a deep conditioner but it works well for a quick boost of moisture and provides lots of slip. After rinsing out the conditioner IRead More →

Normally by day 5, I’m either ready to pull my hair up into a puff because my hair has morphed into a frizzy mass while shrinkage is taking over, or co-washed/applied moisturizer because my hair feels like Saharan Desert. This week’s wash day has held up pretty well. Per myRead More →

This wash day was a 2 step success that I didn’t see coming. [1] Co-wash: I hopped in the shower without first thoroughly finger-combing my hair with either oil or conditioner like I usually do on wash days… I blame temporary insanity. I did pat myself on the back forRead More →