This is the sister post to Sometimes Laziness Pays Off. That easy, moisturizing routine set the foundation for my softest twist out ever, eh-vah! And the best part? My hair remained soft and moisturized for a whole week without any additional co-washing or moisturizing. Whoop whoop! Here is the fullRead More →

In getting my hair back on the right track, one of the things I needed to address was breakage. I haven’t done a protein treatment since I cut off the last of my relaxed ends last April so I was much overdue. To curb my breakage, I started by co-washingRead More →

I decided to give this deep conditioner a try after Ebony of Longing 4 Length gave it a positive review. I had wanted to try out Thank God It’s Natural products for ages and she has yet to lead me down the wrong product recommendation path, so I took herRead More →