A few days ago a reader posted a comment on a topic I completely forgot to mention: Hi, I’m an avid stalker of your blog. several times DAILY!! I’ve not a comment but a question: Have you ever achieved straighter than desired texlaxed hair during a touchup which resulted inRead More →

Amy asks:  Hi Jen, what are some of your highs and lows of texlaxing? Why did you decided to texlax your hair instead of continuing bone straight? Hi Amy, when I first started my hair journey I relaxed my hair bone straight and had no idea that “texlaxing” was anRead More →

Ashley writes… Sorry if this question has been asked before. What are the different texlaxing methods you have tried? I want to start texlaxing because I am fed up with this thin hair of mine. I know some ladies use lye, such as urself but I have heard so manyRead More →

My hair is texlaxed but it’s still relaxed hair. I’ve seen this misconception popping up recently but texlaxing my hair still means I’m a relaxed head. Before I continue, let me say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with relaxing your hair bone straight! I did it for years. I onlyRead More →

I’ve been texlaxing my hair for a year and thought it would be fun to do a post on the journey so far. I actually started texlaxing my hair by accident but am very happy I did. It started when I accidentally under-processing my hair when I started self-relaxing myRead More →

A reader asks: I tried self-relaxing for the first time, and my hair came out seriously underprocessed. I’m really worried about breakage now. Have you had breakage since you started texlaxing and if so, how have you dealt with it? I’ve definitely experienced breaking at the line of demarcation, whereRead More →