KiWi writes: Hi Jen, thank you so very much for blogging your hair journey. Reading your posts has been extremely instrumental in helping me reach my hair goals and so I take every little piece of advice seriously.  Now to my question: Of course hypothetically speaking, if there were no additionalRead More →

Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum. Leaves up to it claim 100% and smells yummy! I’ve been applied this to my ends every other day in the morning and breakage has drastically decreased. Love this stuff. Ceramides via grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, and recently safflower oil. Ceramides help smooth the cuticlesRead More →

Thank you for all the positive responses and encouraging comments regarding my decision to possibly beginning my transition to natural. The comments that resonated the most touched on making sure I’m ready for the transition and not feeling pressured to do so. *takes deep breath* Truth be told, I’m not readyRead More →

All you all know, I’ve been dealing with an itchy, flaky scalp for weeks now and as a result I’ve been doing ample research on causes and treatments. Common symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis are: Yellow or white scales that may attach to the hair shaft. Patchy scaling or thick crust on theRead More →