A random, slightly pointless rant. So I joined the rollersetting challenge yesterday and eyed my rollers and couldn’t help but think about how much sitting under the dryer was going to stink. So I thought, I have three options: (1) getter a better dryer; (2) get better rollers; and (3)Read More →

The longer my hair gets, the longer it takes to dry my roller sets. After 1.5 hours, some parts were still damp… not feeling it lol Wash day: (1) hot oil treatment with grapeseed oil (2) shampooed with Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo (3) Applied Roux Porosity Control for 1Read More →

I washed my hair yesterday and it turned out to be an ordeal. Every thing went smoothly up until I did a apple cider vinegar rinse that caused my hair to tangle – which I don’t understand at all, because I’ve done them before (1 tablespoon ACV mixed with 64Read More →

Washed my hair today and liked how my rollerset cam out so I snapped pics. Wash day: Pre-pooed for 45 minutes under heating cap with grapeseed oil • Washed with PM Super Skinny Daily Shampoo • Applied PM Super Skinny Treatment for 5 minutes • Roux Porosity Control for 1Read More →