As you all know, I love doing weekly tea rinses to minimize shedding. Teas that contain caffeine, like black tea and green tea, help reduce shedding because caffeine blocks the hormone responsible for hair loss – DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Coffee is another alternative that can be used to help reduceRead More →

Would you ever consider having short hair again? Or now that you’ve learned the “secret” to having long hair, will you always keep it long? I wouldn’t, I’m in it for the long haul, no pun intended 😛 The shortest I’d cut back to is bra-strap length, if I gotRead More →

Garlic oil is a great way to combat shedding. I’ve tried it in the past but I couldn’t take the smell; the brand of garlic oil had a VERY strong smell. This time around, I decided to make my own and add lavender oil to it to mask the smell.Read More →