[blockquote align=”none” author=”Mayah”]Hi Jen, maybe I missed it, but do you have a post or photo laying out where the length markers are on your body? Please bear with me, but how tall are you? When did you start your hair journey? I’ve read your past posts and saw youRead More →

Teela Asks: Hola jen! Just wondering… what does your natural texture look like soaking wet, straight from the shower, sans product? i think ur texture is like mine, where it starts to shrink up really fast. i’ve seen your natural hair curly + wet, but what’s it like when heavyRead More →

[Q]Sade asks: Hey Jen, I am relaxed and currently 3 months post and about to get a relaxer soon. I haven’t found my staple DC, so can I use a DC geared towards naturals. And have you ever baggied before? You can absolutely use a DC geared towards naturals. WhenRead More →

I haven’t done a PYB post in a very long time, but I’ve kept track of your questions. If you don’t see your question over the next couple of weeks, please please don’t hesitate to resubmit it. [Q]Mandy asks:”Hi Jen, long time reader here. I know you’re a chronic migraineRead More →