I purchased a hair donut from Sally’s during the week and decided to style my hair in a bun for church today. I didn’t apply any products to my hair before I bunned.  I moisturized and sealed the night before with Qhemet’s Burdock Root Butter Cream and my hair feltRead More →

Lately, I’ve been somewhat lazy when it comes to my hair and have mainly been leaving my hair alone. I usually roller set after every wash but I can’t stand sitting under the hot dryer when it’s 90 degrees outside. So for the remainder of the summer, it’s looking likeRead More →

I was walking towards my kitchen tonight when I noticed my cousin doing something new to my moms hair. She was twisting her hair with thread (the thread used for putting in tracks). I’ve never seen my mother do this to her hair before but she told me she usedRead More →

Word to the wise: do not act lazily when it comes to rinsing conditioner from your hair.  I was tired last week and did not thoroughly wash all the conditioner out of my hair.  I really missed a patch near my left year and a film of conditioner was leftRead More →