***Note: I was looking through a list of my posts and found this one marked “draft” from October of last year. For the life of me I can’t remember why I never posted this [shrug]. Week old flat-ironed hair. My hair was oily and I was tired of the straightRead More →

Lately, my go to protective style has been a faux bob. I’m constantly torn between my desire to wear my hair out and understanding that I need to protect my hair if I want to achieve and maintain the lengths I want. Faux bobs have been a godsend as theyRead More →

Happy Monday! Even though yesterday’s wash wasn’t spectacular, I must have done something right because my braid out came out soft. It’s not a great braid out, but eh, I’ll live. I’ve never done a braid out that I’m content with. And my cousin jumped in the picture and wantedRead More →