This might seem like just a simple braid (and it is) but I did mental cartwheels as I wrote this quick post because having a braid like this was one my goals when I started my HHJ in 2009! Before braiding, I applied Organix Macadamia Dry Styling Oil to myRead More →

I want to try this . . . buuut I should probably learn how to french braid as well as learn how to do a fish tail braid huh? My braiding skills only include cornrows and normal plaits. But once I learn, this bun is on, even if I’m notRead More →

Here’s the bun I did for church today. I pulled my hair back with a Goody Ouchless hair band, applied a bit of HairitageHydration Coconut Mango Hair Moisturizer (I did a review of it last month here) to the length and twisted my hair into a bun. After securing the end withRead More →

Moisturized with DB Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme, sealed with Organix Moroccan Argan Oil. Used a Goodie Ouchless hair band to secure my hair but did not pull my hair all the way through. Applied a little HairitageHydration Coconut Mango Hair Moisturizer to my ends, twisted them around the base of my bun,Read More →

I moisturized with Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme (a water based moisturizer) and then applied HairitageHydration Coconut Mango Hair Moisturizer (an oil based moisturizer) on top of that. I’ve never layered an oil moisturizer on top of a water based moisturizer before, just testing something out. After moisturizing, IRead More →