16 weeks post Well, I guess it’s happening later on this afternoon since it’s a little after midnight… My stretch is coming to an end. I am very bummed I’m not making it to 6 months, but 4 months isn’t bad.  My number one condition for attempting a 6 monthRead More →

I came home from work Wednesday afternoon and was simply done with dealing with all my new growth and the two textures, so I grabbed my Mizani Butter Blend relaxer and relaxed my hair. Well that was my goal. What ACTUALLY happened was that I texlaxed my hair AGAIN! I wasRead More →

I definitely texlaxed my hair yesterday. My hair grows in coils and now they’re much looser, more wavy. I don’t really love it but I don’t plan on correcting it until my next touch up in 10 weeks. I’m actually happy about this little mistake, I’ve learned that I needRead More →