For the past couple of washes I’ve been working honey into my regimen. The last two washes I pre-pooed with honey and hemp seed oil, a messy but effective mix. Yesterday after the 5 hour drive from Boston, I mixed honey with hemp seed oil and the GVP version ofRead More →

I haven’t done a cassia treatment in a very long time, but after pre-pooing honey this past weekend and loving it (upcoming post on that), I’m going to definitely add honey to my cassia next time. Here’s a vid I found on mixing cassia with honey (I won’t be addingRead More →

One of the best things I’ve gained from being on my hair journey is the knowledge that great hair items can simply be found in my kitchen. Today’s cupboard goody: honey. Honey is humectant and naturally draws in and hold moisture. Treating you hair with honey is a great wayRead More →