After purchasing a pipe wrench this afternoon, I was set to install my new Culligan Filtered Showerhead and found that it was very easy to do. Sharing the process in pics below. I haven’t washed my hair in two weeks and wash day is tomorrow. Can’t wait! New shower-head vs. old shower-headRead More →

I’m very excited. As you know, I have hard water in my apartment and have been meaning to get a water filter for my shower for a while (I moved in in August… ) and finally bought one on Monday. I purchased the Culligan Filtered Showerhead on for $25.00 and withRead More →

I have recently decided to go on a hair journey. I’m so obsessed with my hair but I want it healthier. Here’s the problem, I’m a freshman in college and I live in the dorm. I’m almost positive that I am bathing and washing my hair in hard water. WhatRead More →