[1] TLC for my ends: After 4 days of skipping my nightly moisturizing and sealing routine, my ends were feeling particularly dry. I applied Jason’s Vitamin E oil to my hair, did 4 big twists in my hair to loosen the curls from my flexi rod set, and tucked myRead More →

*Don’t forget to enter to win a JGA Journal! [1] Pre-poo: hot oil treatment with HairVeda Vatika Frosting for an hour with my Hot Head Conditioning Cap. [2] Clarified: shampooed with Redken Hair Cleaning Cream Shampoo to remove product and mineral build up from my hair. My have moderately hardRead More →

Faux bob’s are my favorite protective style because they’re easy to do and keep my ends tucked away without putting strain on them, so here’s another one to the vault. How this protective style was born: Step 1: *This step took place last night.* After moisturizing and sealing last night (withRead More →

(1) Pre-pooed with wheat germ oil on the length of my hair and Komaza Care Pona Hair and Scalp Treatment on my scalp. Why does wheat germ oil smell so funky? I going to have to add a few drops of peppermint oil the next time I use it. (2) Shampooed withRead More →

Even though I don’t do bobs nearly as often as I bun my hair, faux bobs will always be my favorite protective style. They’re easy, cute, and completely protect my ends. After applying a little moisturizer to my ends, I grabbed two sections of hair from the front, braided them,Read More →

Week old air dried hair. If you follow me on Instragram or Facebook, you know I was not gung-ho about starting my wash day when I posted the picture to the right on Friday. My hair looked fine (the length) but my scalp and new growth were not on theRead More →