Happy hump day! This week’s March #WashDayExperience theme is “detangling tips.” Detangling is one of things that seems so small in comparison to learning curve that comes with figuring out when to use to protein vs moisture, high porosity vs low porosity, but should never be overlooked. Before I startedRead More →

Hope everyone had a great weekend! As I mentioned in my last wash day post, here’s the DIY detangler I mixed up and applied under coconut oil. Alone it works great but adding the coconut oil on top really increased its effectiveness. Here’s a collage of how I mixed itRead More →

One of the best things I’ve gained from being on my hair journey is the knowledge that great hair items can simply be found in my kitchen. Today’s cupboard goody: honey. Honey is humectant and naturally draws in and hold moisture. Treating you hair with honey is a great wayRead More →