[1] Pre-poo: Aussie Moist Conditioner on my hair and Hair Trigger on my scalp for a couple hours while I studied. [2] Shampoo: Hair Trigger is like über thick, so thick that I didn’t trust co-washing to remove it from my scalp so I shampooed instead with Bobeam Coco HoneyRead More →

When it comes to styling, I’m a pretty simple gal. My favorite no-heat styles are buns, no-heat curls (top right: curlformer dupes • bottom left: flexi rods) and faux bobs. What I love most about all four styles is that they’re both heat-free styles and low manipulation styles. Over theRead More →

Last week’s flexi rod set held up pretty well and the high, curly, messy, bun-ish style I wore it in helped contain it (I’d never been more thankful for aloe vera gel and Goody hair bands) but after taking my hair down I looked like I had stuck my fingerRead More →

I tried my hand at curl former dupes this weekend and I think I’m smitten. I ran out of curlformers and had to use flexi rods in some areas Sleeping on them wasn’t fun (it was a lot better than sleeping on flexi rods) but it was worth it. TheyRead More →