Wait… can I even consider this a fro? Or is it just a fluffed out curlformer set? I feel like student in need of “fro” guidelines. I feel like it’s a faux pas to label a non-fro a fro. When is a fro a fro? I’m over thinking this aren’tRead More →

This week’s #washdayexperience theme is “soft and sleek curls” so I decided to bring my curlformer dupes out of retirement for my second curlformer set since snipping off my relaxed hair last year. Here’s what I did. Process [1] Misted my hair with water + glycerin and did a hotRead More →

I hope every one had an amazing New Years and welcomed 2016 surrounded by family and/or friends! This post is totally late, but I’m going to pretend I’m a rebel and still share it with you. 2015 felt like the longest, most mentally and emotionally exhausting year of my life.Read More →

Have you ever had all your days blur together? Studying for my upcoming bar exam is pretty much what my life revolves around at this point :/ I’m terribly sorry I’ve been so absent on my little slice of the web but I’ll back more regularly once the exam isRead More →