For months I’ve wonder how Eden would compare to As I Am Coconut Co-Wash Conditioner. Two weeks ago I finally decided to take the plunge and bought a jar at Sally Beauty ($8.49). I started off with dry, in-need-of-moisture, deep-conditioned-a week-ago, took-my-marley-twists-out-3-days-ago, been-frolicking-with-my-hair-out-since-then, hair. For extra-moisture on wash days, IRead More →

Price & Purchased From $12.50 for 9 oz bottle from Promises “Blueberry Co-Wash Conditioner is a rich nourishing conditioner that moisturizes while gently cleansing by using the extracts of Yucca Root. It is a wonderful blend of conditioners, oils and botanical extracts meant to give your hair a trueRead More →