What is henna? Henna is a flowering plant whose dried, powdered leaves can be turned into a paste to create beautiful temporary body art and permanently dye hair an orangish/reddish/burgundy tint. Extremely important note! When purchasing henna, whether it be for body art or hair treatments, always purchase body artRead More →

Denise: Hi Jeni, through stalking this site and reading as much as I can about hair I finally reached APL…well grazing (Yay me!!!) I’ve noticed that one side of my head is longer, healthier and has less breakage. I’ve decided to try henna and thought how cool it would beRead More →

I haven’t done a cassia treatment in a very long time, but after pre-pooing honey this past weekend and loving it (upcoming post on that), I’m going to definitely add honey to my cassia next time. Here’s a vid I found on mixing cassia with honey (I won’t be addingRead More →

I decided to mix up a batch of cassia tonight to apply to my mother’s hair tomorrow. She normally likes to apply henna for the reddish tint it leaves, but I ran out of henna and never restocked. I feel like I should have mixed up a batch for me…Read More →