I’ve been wearing my hair in a low bun for the last 3 days and didn’t feel like wearing one today. Let’s face it, low buns can get boring. My ends aren’t tucked away in this looped bun at least they’re up and away from my clothes. I had oneRead More →

I predominately air dry my hair after I wash, instead of roller set now. After I wash and deep condition, I apply leave in conditioner. Next, apply serum to a 1-2 inch section and detangle that section, until my entire head is detangled. Then, I put my hair into aRead More →

After yesterday’s nightmare of a wash, I was determined to wear my hair out today and enjoy it, so this morning I applied a bit of CHI Silk Infusion and sprayed a little PM Wild Ginger Finishing Spray, because it’s been very humid lately and heading out. It felt nice feelingRead More →