Last week’s flexi rod set lasted longer than I’d expected (yay!) On day 4 my curls had gotten too messy to continue wearing down so I pulled my hair up into a messy updo and left out a few pieces for a bang (photo below was taken on day 6).Read More →

(1) Pre-pooed over night with Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner. Remember when I couldn’t find my new growth a couple weeks ago? Well I still can’t tell the difference between new growth and texlaxed hair but boy can I feel it. Guess my eyes are playing tricks on me. Who knows. I optedRead More →

Steaming in my pre-poo [1] *I washed my hair on Wednesday* Pre-pooed with Hair Trigger on my scalp and Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner on the length of my hair. I decided to steam in my pre-poos this time… first time every doing this. I love my steamer but I hate sitting under it. IDK why, IRead More →

Note: Don’t forget to enter to win your own copy of The 5 Hair Archetypes! The giveaway is open internationally! Click here to enter. (1) Pre-pooed with Hair Trigger on my scalp and Hairitage Hydration Alaya Oil (contains olive oil, sunflower oil, shea oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil,Read More →

I just wouldn’t be me if my hair didn’t end up in a bun at some point in the day 🙂 I threw my hair up into a bun once I got home. I tweeted yesterday about attempting bantu knots… then 20 minutes later I updated that I quit. It justRead More →